Our Mission

Our Vision is for improved health of the population and a decrease in preventable diseases, as well as uniform access to medical care in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our primary mission is to improve healthcare outcomes in resource-poor (low and moderate income) countries by providing continuing professional education, skills training and consultative services to healthcare professionals, medical facility managers and health policy leaders.

Our Objectives are:

  • To provide continuing medical education and skills training to healthcare professionals
  • To develop effective and locally relevant skills curricula for healthcare professionals
  • To provide the highest quality medical care possible within healthcare facilities
  • To provide management skills to medical facilities managers
  • To advance research in healthcare education and training in resource-poor countries
  • To promote excellence in healthcare education


A major cause of poor health outcomes in resource-poor countries is the lack of skilled healthcare workers. Despite large infusions of financial aid, health-related indices in the low and moderate income countries (including sub-Saharan Africa) remain poor. Life expectancy and infant mortality are less than 1/20th of statistics in OECD countries.  We believe that financial aid (from donor nations and/or OECD) alone is inadequate to improve population health. A major contributor to these statistics is the lack of a skilled healthcare workforce. According to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), there is a shortage of more than 1 million healthcare workers in Sub-Saharan Africa. The current paradigm for training health care professionals outside their countries is unsuccessful and unsustainable because of high training costs, limited budgets in Ministries of Health and failure of the trainees to develop new programs upon return, because they lack continuing support after training. Trigen’s solution is to provide accessible, affordable, in-country solutions for healthcare training and skills development.