Corporate Partners

Johnson and Johnson Companies

J&J is a global healthcare company with extensive experience in medical care and delivery as well as professional development of healthcare workers. They currently support a surgical skills training centers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, in addition to numerous other centres in the United States. Ethicon EndoSurgery (EES) is a fast growing, highly successful member of the Johnson and Johnson family of companies. EES develops and markets advanced medical devices for minimally invasive and open surgical procedures. The company focuses on procedure-enabling devices for the interventional diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of surgical conditions. Products include the ENDOPATH XCEL®  CONTOUR® Curved Cutter Stapler, HARMONIC ultrasonic cutting and coagulation surgical devices and the MAMMOTOME® Biopsy System for the diagnosis of early breast cancer. 


Karl Storz is a global company with expertise in the production of medical equipment including endoscopic and laparascopic instruments. 


JNC International is a global company that focuses on medical equipment sales and service in West Africa.